"But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;"
1 Corinthians 1:27
Though I have spent thousands of hours making sure my references are solid, do not take everything here at face value. Search the Scriptures, and verify if the things written here are true so you can show yourself approved unto God. Use the reason and common sense God gave you, do the work, and you need not be ashamed.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
-2 Timothy 2:15


The heated debate: Was Einstein a believer in God? Who's right, the Christian, or the atheist? The answer: Neither!
Without the Christian God of the Bible, it's impossible to prove anything.
Atheists commonly accuse Christians of using the 'No True Scotsman' fallacy, but that accusation is a 'No False Scotsman' fallacy.
Most Christians still view charity through the money-focused glasses of the world, rather than the Word of God.
The truth about abortion is far more dire than modern 'pro-life' political movements can see.
A simplified beginner's guide to questions about the rapture of Christians and Christ's coming.
The Lord God does not protect the wicked. Christians have every Biblical right to defend themselves.
Most church-goers ignore the limitations on authority for women in the Bible.
Symbols like the cross or the 'Jesus fish' are acceptable to church-goers everywhere, but they're pagan in the sight of God.
Most Christians are deceived by unbelievers to think their study tools are helping them learn the Word of God.
Most Christians don't realize Christ said He came to bring division.
What happens if a Christian sins?
Because of the false teachings of many new-age preachers, Christians are starting to question the doctrine of hell that Jesus preached about.
The slavery in the Bible, and the slavery of black Africans, are two completely different concepts.
Cutlists believe that man will become a 'god', but the context of the Bible proves otherwise.
Some atheists have openly lied to say the Bible does not teach basic sanitation practices, like washing one's hands. It helps if they read the Bible before speaking.
Very few Christians have an understanding of false converts crept in unawares.
Christians use the word 'love' all the time, but often have no idea what it means.
Christians continue to waste their time fighting battles on unbiblical foundation.
Be cautious. Many Christians take the Bible out of context on this issue.
Very few Christian men and women realize how commonly we tell lies, and we need to understand what God has to say about the sins we tend to overlook.
Some people call themselves Christians, but rebel over simple commandments in the New Testament.
The secret to having more faith is one click away!
How to identify contentious Christians and handle them Biblically.
With a new-age 'bible' and a lexicon, in one hour you too can make professional sermons that will make you rich and famous!
There are a large number of Christians trying to teach an unbiblical doctrine that men do not need to repent to be Saved.
The Greek Septuigant is used as a justification for new-age bible versions, but closer examination shows it's not real.
The New Testament lays out a proper structure for the Body of Christ, but almost all American churches are following a modern corporate structure instead.
Many people around the world consider the Shroud of Turin to be Christ's burial cloth, but the Bible tells us that's not true.
God in three persons is Biblical, but the 'Trinity' is pagan.
Most Christians I've met believe that tithing is something they are required to do, but I will demonstrate that this is preached from Old Testament Hebrew law, and not New Covenant Gospel.
The King James Bible had a revision in 1769, but it was not altered completely like the new-age versions.
Most church-goers don't have a clue what the Bible does and doesn't say about modern-day weddings/marriages.
There are many homosexuals out there, calling themselves 'Christians,' who use the corrupt NIV to help themselves justify their sin.
The Bible teaches both predestination and free will, and the understanding of it is very simple.
Presuppositionialists commonly use a variety of new-age bible versions, but they contradict the foundations of their argument if they don't use a King James Bible.
The new-age church has done away with rebuke, despite that we were commanded to do it.
A common sin that is rarely rebuked, but does a lot of damage to the Body of Christ.
Do little children end up in heaven or hell?
Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright.
Baptism is easy to understand, but cults and false doctrine make it complex.
The tradtions of men have led to ignorance about what Scripture tells us concerning circumcision.
A general guide for Christians to understand how the Bible defines fasting, and what to expect when they decide to fast.
Idolatry involves far more than making a graven image.
Most church-goers just follow the traditions of men without giving thought to what the Bible says about prayer.
Pride is a sin that socially treated as a something noble.
Notes of my personal study in the Book of Acts: Chapters 1-5.
Notes of my personal study in the Book of Acts: Chapters 11-15.
Notes of my personal study in the Book of Acts: Chapters 6-10.
Helping Christians understand a Biblical work ethic.
Disproving mainstream Christianity's claim that the Earth's age has nothing to do with the Gospel of Salvation.
Just like the world, church-goers love their titles of respect.
Correcting the error of Christians seeking to hide from the Word of God.
The new-age American church typically defines testimony apart from Biblical definitions.
There are a surprising number of church leaders in the Body of Christ who have a self-proclaimed authority that is not founded on God's Word, and Christians need to be aware of this.
A Biblical perspective on wisdom teeth.
The fairy tale lore of the one-horned horse is a modern-day concept of a unicorn. Find out about the real-life unicorn the Bible talks about.
How did we end up with so many English versions of the Bible, and which one is God's Word?
Scoffers of the Bible quote Leviticus 20:13 as a reason Christians should kill homosexuals, but their argument only proves they do not read the Bible, nor attempt to understand it.
Answering skeptics' arguments concerning supposed 'contradictions' in the King James Bible.
Answering skeptics' arguments concerning supposed 'contradictions' in the King James Bible.
Answering skeptics' arguments concerning supposed 'contradictions' in the King James Bible.
Bible-scoffers claim one part of the Bible, Judas hanged himself, in another part, he fell and his bowels gushed out. Is there a contradiction?
Answering skeptics' arguments concerning supposed 'contradictions' in the King James Bible.
Answering skeptics' arguments concerning supposed 'contradictions' in the King James Bible.
Answering skeptics' arguments concerning supposed 'contradictions' in the King James Bible.
Answering skeptics' arguments concerning supposed 'contradictions' in the King James Bible.
2 Sam 24 says the famine's seven years, and 1 Chr 21 says it's three years. Which one is correct?
The Bible scoffer will claim that God killing children is a wrong action, but God is the standard for goodness, so they have no logical grounds to call it wrong.
An atheist-based website poses this question and attempts to answer it in what some people will think is a logical approach, but actually deceives readers.
Ica stones depict dinosaurs and man living together. Could someone have faked these stones, or are they legitimate?
A lot of effort went into sealing up Bernifal cave, and one creationist's discovery reveals why.
Learn about the rarely publicized evidence that dinosaurs/dragons are still alive today and have always lived with mankind.
What evolutionists believe is new information, that never existed before, was already in the gene pool before the experiments began.
The chronological developments of cave formations, such as stalactites and stalacmites, do not take thousands or millions of years to form, like so many evolutionists believe.
Evolutionists claim ERVs are proof for evolution, but just because ERVs cause some harmful mutation in DNA doesn't prove we all share ancestors with bananas.
The La Brea Tar Pits are claimed to be a place where many animals died over thousands of years of evolution, but close examination proves that explanation is impossible.
See the major presuppositional assumptions evolutionists make in claiming Lenki's ecoli experiments as proof for evolution.
Green River is another site flagged as evidence of millions of years of evolutionary progression, but scientific investigation demonstrates that to be impossible.
Evolutionists commonly claim the origin of life and origin of the universe are unrelated to evolution, but the opposite is being taught in American public schools.
Ambulocetus is commonly used as 'evidence for evolution', but the construct was mostly based on imagination.
Prepare to laugh when you see the absurd claim linking basilosaurus to whales.
Evidence for evolution, or wishful thinking from fanatics?
Did dinosaurs turn into birds? Could anything be more far-fetched?
There is no fossil record, there are just bones in the dirt. The evolutionary 'record' is pure religion.
The Geologic Column is the evolutionist's bible, but despite what is claimed, the column is made up of creative imagination.
The Grand Canyon is used as evidence for evolution in textbooks, but a little scientific knowledge clears up that illusion.
All radiometric dating methods have the same problems. K-Ar dates are unreliable and cherry-picked.
The layers of rock we find in the earth cannot possibly be millions of years in age.
The peppered moth is still used in textbooks and museums today as evidence for evolution despite being proven wrong decades ago.
Inherit the Wind, considered a classic movie still shown in public schools today, has almost no basis in fact and is mostly a film intending to belittle Christianity and the Bible.
Most Christians think 501c3 is just a harmless status that makes an 'official' church, but those signed up for it are trapped in a web that openly denies the Lord Jesus Christ.
Many evolutionists want Christians to think creation is banned from public schools, but that comes from the mouths of those who don't read about the court cases.
There are a surprising number of mainstream preachers who are teaching false doctrine out of Romans 13 on submission to government.
The teaching of the lies of evolution doesn't just plague our science classes, but it teaches a philosophy that corrupts our entire way of life.
Christians are foolishly putting their stamp of approval on evil and wicked men.
Removing 501c3 will not solve the problem with modern American church buildings.
The cure for cancer has been known for over 100 years, but the it has been supressed by the American medical establishment.
Vaccines tend to be just a part of life for most people, but in-depth research reveals a darker truth.
Learn where Christmas really comes from, and what God's Word has to say about it.
Every year, church-goers bring pagan witchcraft into their church buildings; refusing to sanctify themselves from the traditions of men.
Find out how much demonic witchcraft is involved with what your family participates in every year.
Many teachers seek to bring Christians back into bondage with false doctrine.
Thousands of website and books lie to Christians, teaching them they need to observe the Jewish Passover Feast.
The 'harmless' traditions of men turn out to be witchcraft in the sight of God.
Fantasy novels & movies are not just harmless entertainment.
Feminism has nothing to do with equality, and everything do to with destroying men, women, and children.
For many years Kent Hovind has been leavened, and his beliefs may surprise you.
Most of the modern-day gaming industry is founded on witchcraft and the occult.
Learn the true origin of rock-n-roll, the corruption it brings to churches, and the false doctrines taught thought it.
Traditions surrounding birthdays originate in witchcraft, sorcery, pride, and selfish obligations.
It surprises many Christians to find out their favorite preachers are teaching the evolutionary billions of years on their websites, books, and seminars.
The Catholic Church is at odds against most of Christ's Gospel, despite what the world wants to believe.
Many people, including many Christians, think Jehovah's Witnesses believe what the Bible teaches, but investigation shows it far from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Exposing the origins, lies, heresies, hypocrisy, and false prophcies of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society.
Mormonism is not a sect, as some church-goers believe, but rather a pagan religion that is teaches a works-based doctrine.
Evolution is not part of science. It is a religious cult with a bible and a tax-funded church.'
The most respected authorities over Freemasonry have clearly stated that it is a religious Luciferian institution.
Louie Giglio wow'd American Christians with his cross-shaped laminin sermon, but how legitimate is the information he's presenting?
Learn about the basics of Islam, where it comes from, and why it is one of the most dangerous religions on the planet.
Pope Francis continues the deception of Rome's ecumencial movement by lying about Christ's prayer in John 17.
Despite popular church-goer beliefs, revivals have no Biblical foundation.
What the modern-day church buildings call 'speaking in tongues' is nothing more than the gibberish of willingly ignorant church-goers.
The Bible makes historical, logical, and moral predictions that can all be verified, and it makes scientific predictions too.
According to DNA testing and other experients, the gay gene does not exist, despite homosexuals' extraordinary faith to believe in it.
The discovery of polystrate fossils around the world is powerful support of the Biblical Worldwide Flood.
The Big Bang is taught in the public school system as a fact of science, but is completely unreasonable scientifically, and much evidence exists that says it cannot happen.
Many people think carbon dating helps prove evolution, but it is very limited and has so many basic illogical assumptions that it cannot be used with any rational reliability.
Someone who says DNA is evidence for evolution has to deny basic logic. The programming complexities of DNA is obvious proof of God's extraordinary design.
The Pre-Flood world was much different than what we see today. See what it may have been like.
Tropical palm trees, and other warm-natured animals, found frozen in Antarctica. Meanwhile, evolutionists win the gold medal in mental gymnastics.
When the Bible says that animal, plant, and man will bring forth after their kind, how do we define those boundaries with so much variation today?
Our 'Wolves in Costume' series exposes new-age apostates and heretics who are dressed as sheep and fooling the masses.
The world thinks Billy Graham to be a model of Christianity, but he an agent of a false gospel that will lead folks to hell.
Our 'Wolves in Costume' series exposes new-age apostates and heretics who are dressed as sheep and fooling the masses.
Our 'Wolves in Costume' series exposes new-age apostates and heretics who are dressed as sheep and fooling the masses.
Our 'Wolves in Costume' series exposes new-age apostates and heretics who are dressed as sheep and fooling the masses.
Our 'Wolves in Costume' series exposes new-age apostates and heretics who are dressed as sheep and fooling the masses.
The news media and Catholic church never talk about the pagan, occultist side of Mother Teresa, who rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Church is driving people to the wide gates of hell.

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