"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them."
Romans 16:17
Lies of Evolution: Old Rock Layers
Christopher J. E. Johnson
Published: Dec 18, 2012

"Earth's crust is made of layer upon layer of different kinds of rock that have been laid down over millions of years. The topmost layers usually formed most recently and the lowest layers are the oldest. By uncovering these layers of rock, geologists can trace back the history of Earth."
-DK Publishing, Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia: 7th Edition, Penguin, 2010, p. 231, ISBN: 9780756672546

"The Grand Canyon features one of the world's most studied geologic histories anywhere, because it possesses the most complete sequence of rock that represents two billion years of Earth's geologic history in North America."
-Grand Canyon National Park Lodges, "The Grand Canyon Geology," grandcayonlodges.com, retrieved Dec 15, 2012, [http://www.grandcanyonlodges.com/grand-canyon-geology-5451.html]

"[T]he layers of rocks had taken millions of years to form and they had formed as sedimen gradually settled out of ancient oceans that had alternately dried up and reappeared several times."
-T. Derosa & C. Reeves, The Earth: Its Structure & Its Changes, New Leaf Publishing Group, 2010, p. T-19, ISBN: 9780890515921

If you had not noticed already, the typical propaganda pushed out by the church of evolution is that the layers of rock are individually millions of years in age, which is openly challenging Biblical history. The children's textbook by Derosa and Reeves that was just quoted had a wonderful footnote on the previous page, which I think is a great opening to this article:
"Students will probably need some help in understanding that scientists often make assumptions they cannot prove... they should be re-evaluated as new evidence is introduced."
-T. Derosa & C. Reeves, The Earth: Its Structure & Its Changes, New Leaf Publishing Group, 2010, p. T-18, ISBN: 9780890515921

At least there are a few evolutionists that understand that they assume the foundations of their beliefs, but nonetheless call it "science," instead of it's proper definition: RELIGION. After all, if people began to label it properly as religious, students might not look to believe in it, and citizens may wonder why we are all paying taxes to teach that religion.

Let's take a look at the first assumption this book mentions:
"Stratified layers are very old. Whenever stratified layers are found in exposed road cuts and other places, it is often assumed that each layers was gradually deposited and that a thick layer of stratified rock is millions of years old."
-T. Derosa & C. Reeves, The Earth: Its Structure & Its Changes, New Leaf Publishing Group, 2010, p. T-18, ISBN: 9780890515921

The authors then give us Mount St. Helens as a reference to observation that the rock layers are millions of years in age, as the volcano eruption in March of 1982 cut away rock to reveal layers. Thus far, there is no evidence supporting millions of years for each rock layer, except the fact that they exist, which is the same as saying, "Well, they're obviously here, so that means they must be millions of years old," and in most cases, that is what the basic argument.

Most evolutionists still like to claim that rocks are dated by what fossils they contain, but the entire geologic column is developed from religious speculation of how someone thinks it happened, no differently than how scientology was developed. In "Lies of Evolution: Fossil Record," we covered how the dating of fossils and rocks is based on circular reasoning, not science.

When analyzing deposits found in rock layers, we find it is IMPOSSIBLE for those rock layers to have been formed slowly over millions of years. For example, all over the world, we find fossilized trees standing vertically up through multiple rock layers, called "Polystrate Fossils." (PAHL-EE-STRAT-AH)

Most evolutionists will say these trees just grew there (i.e. in situ). So how long does a dead tree stand around before it falls down? Ten years? 100 years? How about 20 million years? Do you think this dead tree just stood around for millions of years, never decomposing, never falling over, while rock layers slowly formed around it? Or did the tree grow up through hundreds of feet of sediment, hoping to find sunlight one day? If an evolutionist wants to BELIEVE that happened, they are welcome to their beliefs, but that is religion, not science.

In "Creationist Answer to the Green River Formation," we discuss that fish fossils are found running through many tiny rock layers said to have been deposited annually. The evolutionist wants you to believe that dead fish rest at the ocean floor for many years, without being eaten or decaying, waiting for rock layers to form around it. If you want to believe that, that's fine, but it is not science, it's religion.

"This incredible fossil of an ichthyosaur, buried and fossilised while giving birth, is clear evidence of its having been buried quickly by water-borne sediments. The fossil record is consistent with creatures having been buried suddenly, otherwise most creatures would either rot or be devoured by scavengers."
(-Creation Magazine, Vol. 22, Dec '99-Feb '00; Photo copyright Staatliches Museum fur Naturkunde, Stuttgart)

The only other topic evolutionists bring up for their old age to the rock layers is radiometric dating, which we have already covered in some detail in "The Carbon Dating Game," but I will soon be going over more on that topic to demonstrate addtional lies.

These lies about the age of the earth's crust are still being spread, and many evolutionists are defending their religion with some of the same dogmatic emotion we see coming from other false religions. We need more parents and teachers to stand up for the truth, and stop the lies from being spread to the next generation.

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